20 (therapeutic) Summer Activities

20 summer fun activities for kids with and without special needs. Work on fine motor, gross motor, sensory, letters, scissors/cutting, and more with the tips in this post by The Pocket Occupational Therapist

Developmental Milestones

  Developmental Milestones for Fine Motor, Gross Motor, and Speech For children ages one through age six. Remember that each child develops at his/her own pace and the information below is for informational purposes only. You are your child’s best advocate and know your child best. Let your pediatrician know if you have concerns about your […]

Spring Break Activities for Kids + FREE Easter Download

 Spring break is almost here and our children are going to be looking for fun activities to keep them busy and get the wiggles out. Our spring break activities are Pocket Occupational Therapist approved.  Join in with the kids and have fun! We commonly use beach balls in our clinic.  They are “slower moving” since they are […]

Dyspraxia — The Invisible Disorder of Coordination & Sensory

  Many children are exhausted by the daily routines of life and school. Often in my conferences, parents ask me why their child experiences a total meltdown as soon as they get into the car or home. My own son experiences this and I understand the frustration for both the child and the parent. While […]

Working Together…..7 Tips for Crossing Midline

    It’s nearing the back to school time and I’d like to give you some tips to help your child with common school-related tasks. Read our earlier blog post giving tips to use your helper hand. For today—- let’s talk about crossing the midline. The WHAT?!?! Imagine there is a long line that goes […]