5 Halloween Tips for Children With Special Needs

Halloween tips for kids with special needs

Halloween!  Awesome for some….torture for others.  To our children with autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, food allergies, and many more, Halloween can be frightful and not because of the ghosts and goblins!  As with any holiday, Halloween brings with it many changes.  The visual stimuli of pumpkins, costumes, and decorations may be quite overwhelming for kids!  It’s true that […]

7 Tips for Children Who FEAR Loud Noises

Imagine the sound of your mother’s voice….. What memories, thoughts, emotions does that bring up? How about the sound of popping popcorn? Does that make you think of movies, circus, carnival? Think of the sound of nails on a chalkboard. How about the sound of a bee buzzing near your head? Each sound evokes feelings within […]

Puberty in Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder

How Can I Help My Teenager with Autism or SPD To Learn About Sex, Masturbation, & Menstruation? This post comes from one of my readers. It’s a question I’m asked quite often.  The sense of interoception (our body’s eighth sensory system) can be decreased in kids and teens with SPD. Interoception involves feelings, emotions, and internal […]

Holiday Tips for Kids with Special Needs (Part 1)

  Holidays bring joy and family traditions that warm the hearts of many.  For those of us who have children with special needs, the holidays take on an entirely new dimension.  Like everyone, we have shopping, cooking, decorating, and preparation.  However, there are additional ways in which we must ready our children for the holiday season.  […]

Sensory Processing Disorder in SCHOOL

School & Homework Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder We have provided links to Amazon for some of the items mentioned in our blog. Take a look around, we have tried to find you great deals on the products we recommend. Sensory processing disorders affect up to one in every twenty children and the […]

5 Tips for Transitions with Seasonal Clothing

Changing clothes for the seasons can be difficult for children with autism and sensory processing disorder. We offer tips for families, therapists, educators and a helpful matching game that adds fun to function.

8 Sensory-Based Oral Motor Activities

WORK for the mouth? Well, not really! As babies, we learn to calm ourselves through sucking. When a baby suckles, he begins to develop methods to regulate and organize. Additionally, sucking helps to develop speech patterns and helps to develop/mature the central nervous system!  However, not all babies can use sucking in these wonderful ways. […]

Halloween Tips for Kids with Special Needs

Halloween Tips for Kids with Special Needs

    Halloween is on the way!   All the little ones (and big kids too) are so excited! They just can’t wait for the big night to come; dressing up, hanging out with all the neighborhood kids, getting spooked by strange sounds and spooky shadows.  Sounds like a blast, right?  Except when your little […]