5 Tips to Build Kids’ Working Memory

  Working Memory: Executive Function Skill Executive function difficulties commonly come along with (are co-morbid with) many disorders. What are executive function skills……Check out our earlier blog post here for 5 quick facts. Children who have been diagnosed with: ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, sensory, auditory, among many others experience dysfunction in working memory. What IS this […]

Executive Function Infographic

Many adults and children have difficulty with executive function. Traditional models explain executive function (EF) as the chief executive officer (CEO) of the brain. Here, at the Pocket Occupational Therapist, we use the Train Model of EF.  We know that EF is responsible for planning, organizing, focusing, self-control, and following multiple steps. Also, we need […]

7 Tips for Back to School

   Back to school comes with mixed emotions. We want our children to have a super year as they grow and learn. As a parent of children with special needs, back to school brings both excitement and anxiety  We purchase books, uniforms, shoes, and backpacks but wonder how our children will transition to a new […]