5 OT-Approved Sensory-Friendly Products for Kids

5 Occupational Therapy Approved Sensory-Friendly Products

One of the questions my readers often ask is “What can I do to help my child with Sensory Processing Disorder?”  Truth is, I struggle with my own children.  Even though I’m an experienced pediatric OT, my kids are no different than yours.  Doesn’t it seem that once you have one issue under control — another one pops up?
I’m sent many products which do not meet my expectations. Some look super but do not hold up to repetitive use.  Others are great but do not look appealing.  The good news is that I’ve tested the following 5 products in my clinic, with my own children, and through my clients.  I’m impressed by them for many reasons.  The products are in no particular order. **Affiliate links are provided for your convenience.
Let’s GO!!!!
1)  SmartKnit KIDS
Close-up of underwear
Underwear, socks, shirts and MORE!  Believe me when I say that I was a skeptic.  One of the biggest difficulty my clients have is seams, logos, and print on clothing.  SmartKnit sent me a three pack of seamless boys’ underwear and a seamless Compresso-T.  WOW!
-The material for underwear is extremely soft and stretchable.
-There are lines as pictured, but NO seams at all!  This is a miracle for may children –including mine.
-The colors are great.
-Compresso-T provided ‘just right’ hug to my client’s body.  He enjoyed wearing it under his clothing and described is as a ‘hug’ to his wiggly body.
-I would LOVE to have grown-up versions of the products for our adult readers with SPD.
2) Chewigems
It’s no secret I’m a fan of Chewigems.  I love them so much that I choose to give away a Chewigem at my tables when I speak at conferences.  My son, Joshua is infatuated with the products and insists on receiving a Chewigem for EVERY holiday and birthday.  Here’s why I’m a fan:
-Durable and long-lasting
-Multiple colors to match nearly every outfit.
**My female clients love this! Even adults I work with enjoy wearing Chewigems**
-Multiple styles including bracelets
-Quality time after time
3) Sound-Eaze and School-Eaze
Sound-Eaze and School-Eaze are creative ways to help children who are afraid of loud noises.  They are NOT part of any formal listening program but are high quality noises such as:  thunder, fireworks, toilet, siren, cafeteria recorded along with vocal nursery rhymes and rhythms.
-Fun for kids to have control of sounds
-Used over open-air so they can be played in clinics, classrooms, and anytime the child chooses
-Rhythm provides consistency and predictability
BONUS PRODUCT…. my new book, The Weighted Blanket Guide has been released. It’s the ONLY book written with the latest research and information about weighted blankets.  Endorsed by Temple Grandin, you won’t want to miss this one.
______________________________________________________________________ 4) The WET Brush
I have been bragging about this brush to anyone who will listen.  Parents have written to me saying that this brush has changed their lives….I’m not kidding.  To my surprise my own hair stylist, Chelsea
had one and sang the praises of this wonder brush.  It works for short, long, fine, thick, or dry hair. When I asked how it worked, Chelsea explained that the the secret is in the spacing and flexibility of the bristles. Here’s the link to purchase the brush from Amazon: Pink:
5)     Lucy the Lapdog
Lucy is a stuffed animal that is designed to help children with SPD.  The cool thing is that she comes with a book about her own sensory difficulties.  Created by an OT and modeled after her dog, Lucy, this product is adorable and helpful!  The pooch’s paws are weighted and she comes with a weighted lap pad.  I especially like this product as it can be used in all settings.
Info from Lucy’s website:
Lucy weighs approximately 3.5 pounds, has satin ears, and embroidered paws that weigh 1/4 pound each.  Her belly has a zipper which reveals the removable 1.5-pound lap pad.  There’s even room in her tummy for additional weight.
There you have it!  I hope you found help from this post.  As always, I’m happy to review products which I feel would benefit you, my readers.  Please contact me if you use and LOVE the products listed here.

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