20 Snowman Crafts

Who wants to build a snowman? We do! This week we’ve rounded up some snowman crafts and activities. Each link contains a fun idea with instructions from some of our fellow blogger friends. 

1. Snowman Handwarmers
2. Tin Can Snowman Craft
3. No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft
4. Snowman Kcup Craft
5. Snowman Cotton Pads
6. Paper Snowman Craft
7. Easy Snowman Gift Topper
8. Christmas Ornament Makeover
9. Paper Cup Snowman Craft
10. Button and Felt DIY Christmas Ornaments
11. Pom Bottle Snowman
12. Pintable Snowman Craft
13. Yarn Wrapped Snowmen
14. Frozen Fever Snowgies Craft for Kids
15. Cork Crafts Snowman Ornaments
16. Olaf CD Craft
17. Clay Snowmen
18. Mix & Match Magnetic Snowman
19. Felt Snowman Christmas Ornament
20. Puffy Paint Snowman Kid Craft


Which activity was your favorite? Do you have something else you’d like to add to this list? Let us know or send pictures via our contact page or social media channels.

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