Star Wars Printables for Kis

Star Wars Activities for the Whole Family

Star Wars is a classic favorite for both kids and adults. What’s even better than binge-watching the movies? Doing fun star wars activities and games! We searched the galaxy for the best Star Wars printables and put them in a list for you to print off and enjoy! Whether you’re looking for some coloring pages for your kids or an activity to keep them interested in school, you’ll find something on this list for you!

  1. Star Wars Pretend Play
  2. Star Wars Movie Trivia
  3. Star Wars Coloring Pages
  4. Build a Droid
  5. 2018 Star Wars Calendar
  6. Star Wars Memory Game
  7. Star Wars Addition Mats
  8. Star Wars Puppets
  9. Word Cloud Worksheets
  10. Star Wars Bingo
  11. LEGO Printable Star Wars Challenges
  12. Star Wars Word Search
  13. Star Wars Printable Journal
  14. Star Wars I Spy
  15. Star Wars Printable Activity Book

We have our own Star Wars downloads that work on multiple skills. When you use kids’ interests in therapy or to work on critical skills, they are more likely to have fun and participate. This is called a strengths-based approach and will help kids to meet goals faster when we use their interests. It’s easy to purchase some of their favorite clip art on websites such as Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Check out the items in our store that work on visual perception, fine motor, pre-writing, bilateral integration, and more! Download and use immediately.

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