5 Tips to Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month!


OT Month is a time to reflect and celebrate the unique value of our profession. There’s so much to learn and share when it comes to our work in all settings! We can even start community programs and work in telehealth!

Here are 5 Tips to help celebrate OT Month this April 2021.

1) Have a coloring or other fun contest.

No matter what your setting, this is a fun thing to do. In the waiting room, place a coloring page or ask clients to complete an activity that fits your setting. It might be fun to ask parents to draw some shapes or a spouse to complete the 9-hole peg test. Maybe see how many words you can make with the letters: OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY. Be creative! After, choose a few winners and be sure to take pictures of them to post in your company newsletter, waiting room, or social media. Try to contact the newspaper or local magazine for extra publicity!

2) Create or share a poster or handout about OT. I offer one for free HERE.

When you go to your child’s pediatrician, share a flyer about OT. Ask if you can hang one up in the waiting room or the exam rooms. Another idea is to ask the library, churches, and even coffee or bagel shops. There are so many places that permit free flyers.

3)  Pair up staff members and tell each other WHY you became an OT.  We did this in our doctorate program and we experienced so many emotions! Thinking and sharing about your unique journey to therapy can renew passion. Consider asking each person on our staff to bring a special item of importance in their therapy journey. We called this an ‘artifact’ in our program. It is truly a wonderful experience to share your passion and joy with another person.

4)  Offer a gift card or reward to celebrate your staff. Ask staff members to participate in a drawing or giveaway. Have a random drawing or competition for a small item. Ask your OT staff to color a page or do something creative and have the patients vote on the winner! Everyone likes to feel appreciated and honored. This idea helps to build staff morale too.


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5)  Raise funds for a cause. Make a donation on behalf of your organization for OT Month. Ask for donations, hold a fun event such as a carnival to highlight your business, and post on social media. You could even ask attendees to participate in therapy-related events. Be creative…..you’re an OT!

BONUS:  Start an OT journal club! Focus on one article each month. Use AJOT, Google Scholar, and other online sources to find an article that pertains to your practice.

Let me know what activities you do for OT Month below in the comments. I love hearing from you!


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