Brain and Sensory Foundations for OT, PT, and Parents

As a therapist and parent, I’m often asked about courses I recommend.
Here’s one of my FAVORITES for everyone! I’m lucky to be an affiliate of Move, Play, Thrive and Sonia Story who has provided quality and life-changing courses that fit your lifestyle. ~ Cara

You can transform neuro-sensory-motor challenges with the tools from the Brain and Sensory Foundations course.

These easy-to-learn movements mature the brain, body and sensory systems. They help overcome challenges with learning, anxiety, focus, speech and coordination.

Effective for all ages for promoting:
.   Calm sensory processing
.   Improved Sleep
.   Emotional regulation
.   Speech
.   Balance, Strength, Coordination
.   Learning/Cognitive skills
.   Release of stress and anxiety
.   Social skills
.   Trauma recovery

Perfect for everyone with busy schedules.

.    Online, video-based movement instruction available 24/7
.    Course Manual, 100 page hardcopy, with color photos and instructions.
.    Live, online group Q & A sessions, recorded for easy access.

The Brain and Sensory Foundations course is excellent for parents, OTs, OTAs, PTs, PTAs, SLPs, Vision Therapists, foster parents, counselors, social workers, educators, yoga and massage therapists, trauma specialists, healthcare providers and caregivers.

1.6 CEUs awarded for OTs, OTAs completing course.
8 CCUs for PTs, PTAs completing the course (FSBPT).

More information here 

As soon as you enroll you have instant access to these excellent tools.

Course Tuition is $387

Comments about the course:

“This course offers some of the most valuable tools and activities for children and adults that I have ever seen since I started practicing OT! I have seen these movements make powerful changes in my clients and help unlock and improve their motor skills, emotional regulation, cognitive functioning and self-esteem!”
Maggie Hall, OTR/L, Atlanta, GA

“I have enjoyed this class so much…. honestly this is the best class I have ever taken and I am so thankful for the information I have learned! I have used this for myself and my children and the experience has been life-changing!! Thanks!!!”
Carrie Young, OT

“My 9 year old with sensory processing disorder has been significantly helped.  Both his sensory seeking behavior and hypersensitivities became greatly diminished.”
Jessica Ealson, CA

“In my 16 years of clinical practice as an occupational therapist, with an extensive continued educational background, I have never before came across a single tool that is able to make such a profound and immediate difference in both neuro-typically developing and disabled pediatric populations.”
Marina K., OTR/L, Brooklyn, NY.

“Brain and Sensory Foundations was so comprehensive–the manual, handouts, the video sessions. It was obviously a labor of love. I highly recommend it for any professional who works with children.”
Laura Masciarelli, PT, Wantagh, New York

“I have been practicing OT for almost 25 years of which at least 20 of those years have been in pediatrics. I have attended many conferences/courses over the years. This course by far has been the most beneficial. It is the only course I have attended that some part can be applied to every student/client on my caseload.”
Jennifer Everett, OTR

Learn innate movements that reboot the brain and promote life-long health and well-being.

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For questions about the course contact:

Sonia Story


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Retained Reflexes Course – Brain & Sensory Foundations

Do you worry that you could be missing something in your approach to therapy? Do you wish you could have a bigger impact in a shorter amount of time? Do you want a step-by-step system that is tested, proven, and supported by evidence?

Cara’s Bestselling Book

Many people struggle with sensory processing difficulties. Regulating emotions, knowing when to eat, drink, go to the toilet, and feeling your breathing and heart rate all depend on our internal awareness.

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