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Reflective Practice in Peds:

Becoming your most confident practitioner-self

Reflective Practice for Pediatric Therapists

One of the most powerful tools pediatric practitioners have available to them is reflection. 

It can go with you anywhere and be applied to any situation. Building habits and practice around reflection can amplify the positive effects of any formal training you have, and can help eliminate roadblocks to personal and professional development. 

In this course, instructor Andrew Klein teaches the foundations for reflective practice, why it is important to the therapeutic professions and provides opportunities to practice reflection through scenarios provided in the class.

While this course is taught by a pediatric occupational therapist, it is also appropriate for speech-lanaguage and physical therapists.  

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Reflective Practice in Peds: Becoming Your Most Confident Practitioner-Self

If there is one tool that could take you from novice to expert clinician – reflection is it! In this course learn the basic framework to create your own structure around reflective practice and see your confidence as a practitioner grow.

Pediatric OT Primer

Everything you need to know as a Pediatric OT. Whether you’re new to OT or a veteran OT switching to peds, there’s a little something for everyone.

Using Strengths-based Approaches to Behavior in Children

Feel more confident being pro-active during your session. Behavior is communication and using a child’s strengths and working on multiple skills that build self-regulation will improve your effectiveness.

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma results in sensory, cognitive, and developmental interruptions that affect occupations of children. Become a trauma-informed therapist today!

Executive Function Master Course

Executive function master class is packed with strengths-based interventions designed to use immediately. Boost your outcomes with the new Train Model.


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