Fun and Easy Hair Cut Scissors Activity for Kids

Fun and EASY Hair Cut Scissors Activity for Kids


Empty toilet paper rolls

A marker



Make a series of small cuts around one end of the cardboard tube. About 1 ½ inches is a great length for cutting.


After you have given the tube hair, it is time to give it a face. Draw on the eyes, nose, and mouth with a marker. You can give as much detail as you desire.


With careful supervision offer your preschooler a child-safe pair of scissors and invite him/her to give the new friend a haircut.


If you are looking for fun with fine motor, check out our store. We have q-tip painting pattern pages that work on tripod grasp. When we give kids smaller items to hold such as q-tips, broken crayons, and beads they build muscles that are used for writing and buttoning.


For added fun…….glue yarn to the tube and let your child cut the yarn hair.

Developing scissor skills is essential to a preschooler’s development, bilateral integration, and fine motor function.


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