8 Sensory-Based Oral Motor Activities

WORK for the mouth? Well, not really! As babies, we learn to calm ourselves through sucking. When a baby suckles, he begins to develop methods to regulate and organize. Additionally, sucking helps to develop speech patterns and helps to develop/mature the central nervous system!  However, not all babies can use sucking in these wonderful ways. […]

10 Freakishly Good Halloween Treats

Halloween is almost upon us and I’ve found some fun treats to make with my boys this week. What I love best about making food with them is that when they make it, they are more likely to eat some of it! As you know, playing with your food is strongly encouraged for kids who […]

5 Feeding Tips for Kids With GI Disorders & Tubes

                Children with disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract commonly experience pain during eating. As a result, the child may develop resistance or anxiety surrounding feeding. The placement of gastric tubes can further complicate the situation as children who require delivery of nutrition via a tube may not have the […]