Auditory Processing Disorder 101

Auditory processing disorders are often misdiagnosed or masked as other things. Sometimes, people think kids aren’t paying attention or are daydreaming. In fact, it can take the brain some extra time to process the information coming through the auditory system. What are some signs of auditory processing disorder or APD? Is your child easily distracted […]

Idioms, What Did You Say and What Do You Really Mean?

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs! Idioms or phrases that cannot be understood through their literal meaning can be rather confusing for students with language difficulties. Teaching children and students common idioms can help them navigate verbal communication with adults and peers as well as improve their writing skills. My sons had SUCH a difficult time […]

5 Tips to Help With Dyscalculia

Many children struggle with difficulties in writing and math. When a child is smart and has a high IQ, struggling with something that comes so simply for other students in the class often leads to anxiety and low self-esteem. As with most learning disorders or learning disabilities, symptoms emerge at different times and each child […]

5 Facts About ~ Executive Function

As my children grow, my focus as a parent changes. Both of my autistic sons and husband with ADD/ADHD struggle with executive function. That’s what makes my job as ‘The Pocket Occupational Therapist‘ so fun! Not only am I an OT, but I’m also experiencing daily stresses similar to my clients. My latest focus is […]

5 Tips to Build Kids’ Working Memory

  Working Memory: Executive Function Skill Executive function difficulties commonly come along with (are co-morbid with) many disorders. What are executive function skills……Check out our earlier blog post here for 5 quick facts. Children who have been diagnosed with: ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, sensory, auditory, among many others experience dysfunction in working memory. What IS this […]

VISION…It’s More Than Meets the Eye

Vision involves more than the ability to see with or without glasses…’s our story: My autistic son complained of frequent headaches, squinted, and showed difficulty reading. His pediatrician recommended an evaluation by an eye doctor. We anxiously awaited the appointment with the ophthalmologist and felt we would get answers.  It was a surprise that James’ vision was […]