Tool Up: LegiLiners

Tool Up: LegiLiners

In an ever-changing educational and therapeutic landscape, providing students with effective tools is essential for success. As a therapist, I get how challenging it can be to constantly create or doctor worksheets that will support delivering educational content in a manner that meets students where they are.   That’s one of the reasons I want to chat with you about LegiLiners. These self-stamping rollers extend beyond the conventional, offering support and flexibility to therapists, educators, parents, and students alike.

LegiLiners are hand-held, non-smudging self-stamping ink rollers. These versatile tools aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution.  They work similarly to a white-out roller, but instead of erasing, these stamps can lay down a variety of lines and visuals, allowing you to provide tailored support to tasks related to writing, music, and math.

Save yourself precious time, by spending less time formatting your own worksheets or searching through platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers. LegiLiners can turn any paper into a worksheet; opening up a world of creative possibilities, and allowing educators the flexibility to design unique materials that cater to individual student needs. Being able to adapt any paper is going to save you time and keep you from constantly returning to the printer.  Any educator in the school system will tell you how precious a commodity paper is, and LegiLiners allows you to make those pages stretch further. Plus, a feature that I love is that LegiLiner stamps are refillable, further reducing waste.  

Two of my favorite LeigLiners are the Stacked Double Handwriting Lines and the Worm Line rollers.  The Stacked Double Handwriting Lines roller makes quick and efficient work of creating a multi-line worksheet.  The Worm Line tool provides an extra lower line that serves as a visual stop-cue for early writers working on descending letters (think: g, j, y),  a crucial aspect of early handwriting skills.  

A common problem I have seen in my clinic is that so many worksheets are made with “fun” fonts (which are hard for dyslexic children to read) or specific themes (that restrict student creativity or are not motivating for children with unique special interests).  We have quite a few artists, motivated to draw and create worlds on paper surrounding their own, unique special interests but who are not motivated by traditional handwriting worksheets.  LegiLiners allow us to add lines and visual supports to their artwork; providing more motivating opportunities for handwriting practice in a neurodiversity-affirming way.

There are so many different LegiLiner’s to support a variety of needs, including creating math equations, number lines, music lines and so much more that I could make this blog post never-ending.  But really what I hope this post does, is give you access to another tool for your toolbox; a different way to address the age-old problem of creating and modifying worksheets to support the organization and academic success of your students.  

If I have piqued your interest and this sounds like a potentially useful tool for you, use the links in this blog post to place your order.  The Therapeutic Edge is an affiliate with LegiLiners so we may receive a small amount of compensation.  

(Pssst, did I mention Legilliner donates free products and allocates over 10% of its profits to classrooms and special needs community organizations?)

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