200 Brain Break, Movement, & Sensory Activity Cards

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200+ Brain Break, Movement, and Sensory Activity Cards.

Quick and easy! Each card has simple written instructions.

Movements can be done seated, standing, individually, or in groups. Contains sensory activities such as using a stress ball and putty, using a calm-down jar, doing wall push-ups, stretching, deep breathing, alternative seating pictures, and so many more.

Print out and glue onto a popsicle stick or laminate and put onto a ring for your students. Place in a calm-down area or put in a jar and allow children to choose a card.

Each activity is designed to take only a few moments, the activities are excellent for kids of ALL ability levels and ages.

Therapy clinics, schools, home schools, parents, and kids of all ages will benefit from the activity cards. I spent months and hundreds of dollars on artwork to create this resource so you don’t have to!

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