School-Eaze Download

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Sound-Eaze and School-Eaze are downloadable products that contain sounds children may be afraid of and cannot usually control.

They are NOT part of a listening program, but a FUN way to control and play with sound! NO headphones are needed.

The sounds are professionally recorded along with vocals and/or rhythms to give your child a positive experience when listening to sounds!

**After purchase, the MP3 downloads will be provided via a DROPBOX link within 24 hours.**


14 Tracks Included:

  • bus trip
  • school bell/change class
  • gym class
  • cafeteria
  • swim meet
  • fire drill
  • field trips to….movies, carnivals, restaurants, a parade, a construction site, car race, baseball game, and loud background noise.


Sound-Eaze and School-Eaze were created by Brant Koscinski, Cara Koscinski, Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, and Kimberly Josephs, Music Therapist.

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