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Sound-Eaze and School-Eaze are fun downloads that contain sounds for children with sensory processing difficulties, autism, or ADHD who may be afraid of and cannot usually control. They are NOT part of a formal listening program, but a FUN way to control and play with sound! NO headphones are needed. The sounds are professionally recorded along with vocals and/or rhythms to give your child a positive experience when listening to sounds!

**After purchase, the MP3 downloads will be provided via a DROPBOX link within 24 hours.**


Sensory processing sometimes causes difficulty and stress when hearing loud or unexpected noises. We created the product for our own two autistic sons who have sensory processing difficulties. Recorded professionally with high-quality sound, the product will allow you to control sounds that otherwise could not be controlled. We all love to control things that cause us anxiety…..Sound-Eaze can give kids the ability to turn the volume up or down on common sounds.

*Sound-Eaze is a downloadable product.

Also, can be used as a sound game when practicing sound tolerance.

12 Tracks Included Are:

  • baby cry
  • vacuum cleaner
  • fireworks
  • dog bark
  • siren
  • phone ring
  • thunder
  • fire alarm
  • hairdryer
  • lawnmower
  • blender
  • toilet flush

The CDs were created by Dr. Brant Koscinski, Dr. Cara Koscinski, and Kimberly Josephs, Music Therapist.

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